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 Lineage Roll

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PostSubject: Lineage Roll   Mon Nov 23, 2015 2:50 pm

Roll your lineage here, by using the "Lineage Dice" in the reply section.
Info: Your lineage will start with your character's surname, then the lineage you rolled. Ex: Geitanshi Ice Heart.

~ List of Lineages ~

1 - Purest Lover: This lineage gives you the ability of making someone's IC character fall in love with you for 15 IRL days. It can only be used once a month in one topic.

2 - Ice Heart: This lineage, if the ability is activated, increases the Speed, Buoyancy and Power stat by 70%. It can only be activated once an IRL month, in one topic. But for Naizuko, 100000000000% and unlimited, because admin power abuse.

3 -
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Lineage Roll
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