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 Magic System

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PostSubject: Magic System   Sat Nov 21, 2015 6:51 pm

~ Types of Magic ~

1. Speed Magic | Speed Magic involves speeding up or slowing down the target, hence its name. A Magician can also use personal Speed Magic, allowing him to move at speeds surpassing human limits. Speed Magic directly alters the inertia of an object. Consider this as changing the momentum of a moving object. This can be used to increase the speed stat of your character, a percentage depending on each rank.

2. Weight Magic | Weight Magic involves the weight of objects, reducing or increasing it. It can help reduce the gravitational pull and allow for jumps that travel 100 yards. The "Three Great Puzzles of Weight Systematic Magic" are problems that are theoretically possible using this system, but still cannot be achieved, at least until Flying Magic was developed. The three are; Perpetual Motion Devices based on the model of unlimited inertial expansion, Generalized Flying Magic and Gravity Control Type Magic Sequences Thermonuclear Reactors. This can be used to lessen/increase weight, so you can make yourself bouncier (Buoyancy stat) or heavier than a boulder.

3. Movement Magic | Movement Magic involves altering an object's velocity and path. Through Movement Magic, an object can change directions or completely stop in its tracks. The difference between Movement Magic and Speed Magic is that Movement Magic does not affect the inertia of an object. If an egg were subjected to only Movement magic, it would break itself apart because of the inertia inside the egg even though it has technically stopped moving. This is mainly an RP/social based magic, as it CANNOT be used in combat. You can move wine glasses on to a table, or something.

4. Oscillation/Vibration Magic | Oscillation Magic involves the vibration of targets. Waves can be produced, controlled and dampened with this magic. This is only accessible by NPCs and admins, as it is literally god magic.

5. Convergence Magic | Convergence Magic involves selectively isolating targets within a target area. It can create a space where carbon dioxide gathers in the center, while all other gasses are pushed out, for example. Once more, this is only accessible by NPCs and admins.

6. Dispersal Magic | Dispersal Type Magic is defined as magic that interferes with the movement and interaction of elementary and composite particles. Magic that manipulate gamma rays is categorized as Dispersal Type Magic because the magic interferes with light particles. This type of magic was developed to neutralize the danger of nuclear fission weapons. This kind of magic is manipulation of particles, so, it will only be accessed by students with a knowledge countability of 1,000,000,000.

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Magic System
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